Dear guest
Based on The Danish Health Authority’s recommendations the tourist office will be selfserviced until further notice.
Please help us prevent the further spread of the coronavirus in Denmark by avoiding all unnecessary physical contact and take the precaution after Danish recommendations - even if you don’t experience any symptoms of the virus. 
You are always welcome to reach us by phone +45 75 42 15 00 or e-mail

For further information please read more on Danish Health Authority's Coronavirus Q&A or call the hotline of The Danish Health Authority, tel. +45 72 22 74 59. If you need advice regarding a concrete case of illness, e.g. symptoms experienced by yourself or a family member, please make sure to contact a doctor.

Updated information from the Danish police in English and Danish.

Ministry og Foreign Affairs Denmark 

Info - VisitDenmark
Corona information for Denmark - closed border etc.
Information zum Corona Virus für Dänemark - Grenzschliessung etc.
Informasjon om coronavirus i Danmark 
Information om coronavirus för Danmark
Coronavirus informatie voor Denemarken
Informations sur le coronavirus pour le Danemark

For turistaktører - link til information vedr. hjælpepakker m.m.
Corona og din virksomhed - Virksomhedsguiden
Diverse vejledninger fra Dansk Erhverv
Specifikt vedrørende force majeure på event/turismeområdet
Plakat fra Sundhedsstyrelsen
Horesta - aftale
Business Esbjerg

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